Chapter 1 - Angry


Grissy was drawing. She was creating a scene on her tablet with a farmhouse and a horse, with clouds off in the distance. She had been working on it, nonstop, for several hours. She had found an interesting idea on how to combine two sets of colors to create an alien (but still recognizable) effect.

Her dad walked in the room and said something. Grissy was still focused on her drawing and didn't look up.

He raised his voice. Grissy still did not look up. He walked closer to her and towered over her. She knew he was getting upset, but she really wanted to finish this thought she had in her work. So, she continued to ignore him.

"... homework." her dad said.

Grissy finally looked up. She was out of the zone now, and might as well figure out what her dad wanted. She grimaced.

"What" she stated.

"Did you finish your homework" It was a rhetorical question. Her dad was getting frustrated, she could see it in his face.

Grissy did not respond. Of course she didn't do her homework. Her homework was pointless and boring, mostly math. But her dad already knew that.

"Finish your homework first. No more drawing until you are done"

Grissy sighed deeply and closed her eyes. Her life was not her own, and her dad was so focused on her doing her Math homework like her older sister, that it created a deep well of anxiety.

"Did you hear me, Grissy? You will never make Caudrino with your attitude."

She looked at him, and couldn't say a word. Why didn't he understand that drawing was her outlet? That she was spending all this time on drawing because she enjoyed it?

She nodded and her dad stalked out of her bedroom.

"I wish you would just go away, dad. You and Caudrino and all of it." Grissy whispered.

But, her dad had already left, and so he couldn't hear her.

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