Chapter 3 - Blue Alert


Grissy was staring out the window, eating her celery.

Noeth slammed the door open. She looked like she ran home from school. She was sweating.

"Put your shoes on. Let's go!" Noeth exclaimed.

Grissy didn't want to put her shoes on, or go anywhere.

"Go?" she asked

"We have to leave, now. Grissy. Now. Put your jump shoes on and let's go!" Noeth was already at the closet, searching through the pile of shoes.

"What's going on? Where are we going?" Grissy asked. She had a sense something was probably wrong, but she didn't know what.

"Blue Alert. Blue. OK?"

Grissy went pale. They had practiced for blue alerts at school, but she had never experienced one. It had been over a decade since the last one. She was a small child when that happened and she didn't remember it.

"Where's mom & dad?" Grissy asked. She was starting to feel very nervous. She got up and started putting on her shoes.

"I don't know. Get your jacket and your backpack. Bring a big bottle of water and a few snack bars. We have 2 minutes"

Grissy finished slipping on her shoes. She tried to find her backpack. She had no idea where it was.

"1 minute!" Noeth said

"I don't know where my backpack is!" Grissy felt hot tears forming as she realized it would take a lot longer than a minute to find her backpack. She had really not been paying any attention at all to where she put it.

"Grab a water bottle and some bars and lets go!" Noeth was almost screaming.

Jesse woke up and noticed the commotion.

"You should leave now. Blue alerts are dangerous." Jesse said.

"I know. Why didn't you tell Grissy?! " Noeth accused her.

"I was scanning the network for your parents and deprioritized incoming alerts." Jesse replied

Noeth grabbed Grissy's arm and rushed out the door. Jesse closed and locked the door behind them.

"In retrospect, that was probably a mistake." Jesse said, to no one in particular.

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