Chapter 2 - Nobody Home


The door was closed, but the i-lock was flashing green, so Grissy opened the door. Odd, she thought. Mom always tells Jesse to lock the door before she leaves.

"Mom?" Grissy asked.

No answer. Maybe mom was not home?

"Jesse?" Grissy followed.

"Hi Grissy. How was school today?" Jesse came into the room. Grissy handed Jesse her bag and jacket.

"Snack?" Jesse inquired. "Peanut butter and celery?"

"Sure" Grissy replied. "Where's mom?"

"Coming up" Jesse responded. "I don't know where your mom is. Want me to try and locate her on the network?"

"No!" Grissy exclaimed. Mom had warned Grissy about allowing Jesse be too visible on the network. Jesse didn't really understand why, and probably couldn't, so Mom felt that there was no use in explaining.

Grissy thought about that for amount, but was distracted by some a commotion coming from the street. Grissy lived in a cluster of townhomes right off a busy street. She peeked out the window, and cars were backed up past her house. That was strange, she lived a mile from the nearest intersection. Horns were honking.

Mom must be stuck in this traffic, Grissy thought. Mom mentioned this morning that there was a big Epiceno meeting in the city. Perhaps she got stuck there? She tapped a quick text message to her mom - asking her where she was.

Jesse placed the peanut better and celery combo at the kitchen table.

"Glass of water?" Jesse offered.

"Yes, please" Grissy responded.

Jesse rolled into the kitchen, and plugged into the outlet on the refrigerator. Jesse extended her arm up to the shelf and retrieved a glass. She filled the glass with water and glided back over to Grissy.

"Here's your water, Grissy!", Jesse said.

"Thank you, Jess. I appreciate it."

Grissy drank the water, and popped open her tablet. She had homework to do, and mom would appreciate it if she finished before she got home.

Jesse's eyes glowed, slightly pink in the afternoon light.

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